A Managed Object that parses and executes PonderTalk. PonderTalk can be supplied as strings from other PonderTalk statements or as strings received over RMI. The PonderTalk string is executed and the result is returned as a string. If an error occurs then a Ponder2Exception or a RemoteException is thrown. This managed object can also be used as a stand-alone program to send PonderTalk to a remote SMC using RMI.
1. Create this managed object in an SMC giving it a RMI name to use. e.g. MyPonder2
2. Send PonderTalk to the SMC using the Ponder2 JAR file e.g.
java -cp ponder2.jar net.ponder2.PonderTalk MyPonder2 any PonderTalk statement

Factory Messages
create Creates a PonderTalk managed object
create: rmiName Creates a PonderTalk managed object with rmiName as the RMI name that will be listened to

Operational Messages
rmi: rmiName self Binds this managed object to a new RMI name. Any previous bindings are maintained.
trace: aBoolean self turns tracing on if aBoolean is true else turns it off.
test: aString String tests the RMI interface without having to run a separate SMC
execute: aPonderTalkString P2Object Compiles and executes aPonderTalkString and returns the result.