Implements a multiple timer. Events may be fired off at regular intervals or after a single interval.
Time can be given in milliseconds as a simple number or as hh:mm:ss. e.g. 0:22 would be 22 seconds.
If the event is declared with a count attribute then the attribute will be set to the event number before each event is sent.

Factory Messages
create Creates a new timer managed object

Operational Messages
tick: time event: event int sets up and starts a one off timer. Sends the event after the specified time.
repeat: time event: event int sets up and starts a repetitive timer that send the event periodically.
start: anIndex self starts the timer at anIndex
stop: anIndex self stops the timer at anIndex
cancel self stops and cancels all the timers. The indexes are invalid after this operation.
cancel: anIndex self stops and cancels the timer at anIndex. anIndex cannot be used again.